Avoiding face characters

The best breakfast at WDW is of course the Bon Voyage at Trattoria al Forno.

(Don’t believe me?

No need to apologise for being wrong.)

Anyhoo, although it’s a delight to meet Flynn Rider, the other characters are a snooze. I found out that there is a secret room where you can have the breakfast but no characters will interrupt you with their nonsense.

This got me wondering: Are there other such rooms? I’m a big fan of the breakfast at 1900PF, but I could do without the characters.

And, yeah, yeah. You want to see me and Flynn, don’t you. Ugh. You’re so needy.


I have to agree that Trattoria has some pretty awesome breakfasts. Hard to beat some Tonga toast at Kona too. Did not know about the special rooms. Interesting…

Which one are you?


What did you like? I have it booked for December.

Flynn. Duh. Do keep up.


I meant to eat!

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He already told you!

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So did you sit in the room but tell them you wanted to meet Flynn? Good picture, however it happened.

He sat in the main room but when the other characters came by he gave them the finger and called them wankers.


No. I found out about the room after my meal. You don’t get characters if you go to the secret room.


See the picture!


I was looking on my phone! I see it now!

That makes more sense – I thought somehow you managed a Flynn loophole from the secret room.

I haven’t heard of any others that have the no-character room.

What about the opposite? What if, say, I’m at the chef’s table at V&A’s, could I request to have Chip and Dale stop by the table?


What if I want Martin Short to bring me my steak at Le Cellier?


Sorry, he’s not available. Would you be interested in Justin Bieber?

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The best breakfast at WDW is of course whatever breakfast I’m at because I love breakfast and because Disney.

Regarding this specific breakfast, some really yummy looking stuff and other parts were like what in the ever loving world is THAT?

And in the secret room? that’s not breakfast and a show any more.

I’m excited. Made last minute reservations for tomorrow after reworking plans.


We have a reservation for Bon Voyage in February; so, thanks for the feedback, @mousematt. BTW- which entree did you order? It looks delish!