Avoiding dog rooms at POR

nothing against dogs, but I do not want a room that has had a dog in, due to allergies.

Which block to avoid in POR

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I could be wrong, but I heard they were scraping the dog rooms. I assume it didnt go over very well.

oh i hope so but i thought they were still there

You can call and ask for a deep cleaning due to allergies, someone posted a link in chat with the number but it will be a US one so I’d take my chances with the free U.K. number and just ask for them to put you through to the right place. You could also stress that you need it doing and why in your room request fax if you do one.


One would think that they would have a section that is designated for the dogs and one that is not. But missoverexcited made a great suggestion. request a deep clean either way!!


They definitely did but I can’t remember which building it was. But any room could have had a service animal in it.

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thanks guys

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Agree with those suggesting you request a deep clean.

Remember that a service dog could be in any room at all resorts. So if you have an allergy you’d be better off requesting a deep clean to be as safe as possible.


If you go on portorleans.org they have some information on this. It looks like building 24 is where they are mainly putting the dogs, but there are a few others they could as well to accommodate room categories.

And my understanding is that the program was considered a success and they continued it permanently.

We did POR in May 2018 and did not see any dogs. But there are others who have. I’m not a big fan either so I’m glad we didn’t encounter any of the problems some people reported. We also made a request to have a room away from any dogs.

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Here is the link that someone supplied to me when I had a similar question about AOA. Hope it works. :grin:

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I honestly could have sworn I had heard the opposite, but I guess it was a vicious rumor!