Avoiding CL5 worth park hopping?

My mom and I are headed to our trip of a lifetime in 2 weeks…wahooo!!! I am making some last minute tweaks and preparations. We arrive at DW Sat. 11/14 and leave 11/21. We are planning for Saturday night and Sunday all day at MK and Monday at Epcot for the last day of Food and Wine. I was noticing that according to Touring plans, Tuesday the 17th at Epcot is supposed to be a little busier than we’d like. So, I was thinking of going to HS that day instead until they close at 4pm, then our dinner at Cape May at 5pm then over to Epcot for the evening and Illuminations. Then we’d just do Epcot during the day Wednesday the 18th (when the CL are a little lower) until about 3 and head over to HS for the evening and our dinner reservation at Brown Derby at 5:50, finishing off the evening at HS until they close. Do you think this would be too much moving around? Would it be worth it? It’s a bus to get between epcot and HS, right?

The rest of our plan includes AK on Thur the 19th, MK the 20th including the party that night. Originally I had planned for 2 back to back days at Epcot (mon and Tues), then a full day at HS on Wed. Our dining reservations are already set… WE have FP reserved although the TP says they won’t save us any time…

My mom and I just really, really want to avoid crowds wherever possible. Thoughts?

If you look at our wait time estimates, you’ll see that the difference between a 3 and a 5 isn’t that large. To see what I mean, create a touring plan for each day with the same attractions, and you’ll see the total difference in the amount of time you’ll spend waiting in line. That will help you decide if park hopping is worth your time and money.

To get from Hollywood Studios to Epcot, you can bus (takes you to the front - Future World - side of the park), or walk or take the boat (takes you to the World Showcase entrance). I think most people prefer to walk or boat.

If you were only going to hop that one day, I don’t think the hopper option would be worth it for you because you have to pay for a hopper for every day on your ticket. Like Laurel said, there’s not that much of a difference in wait times and as long as you have your TP you should be totally fine!

If you’re trying to get from HS to BC for Cape May and on to Epcot, the boat from HS stops at BC. You could then walk or boat to Epcot.

I hop just about every day, every trip. A CL of 5 is not an issue! If your plans will work better- yes hop- but do not worry about the crowd.