Avoid parks with extra evening hours if im not a deluxe guest?

For my June trip it looks like MK will have the extra evening hours for deluxe guests on both of our MK days, and EP will have an after hours event on our first EP day. We are not staying deluxe. Is there any reason for us to change our plans to avoid these events?

When you look at recent historical crowds in the crowd calendar, it would appear that Wednesdays at MK are not significantly different from the days that proceed nor follow it, so I would say it doesn’t matter.

However, when I look at the days before/after at EP, it does appear that Mondays are in fact busier at EP…so with that information, I’d consider NOT going to EP on Monday.

I’m going to add a caveat that during the time period of parties at MK (MNSSHP and MVMCP), I’d avoid MK on EEH days…but since that doesn’t apply since you are going in June, I’m merely adding it as a note for future reference. (We made the mistake of going to MK on a Wednesday during our December trip, and it was HUGE mistake. Crowds were insane! But that’s because people were avoiding party nights the day before and after.)

Thanks for this. EP is currently a Thursday, with a paid after hours event that night, and my other EP night is a Tuesday. Unless someone offers information contrary, I’m likely to keep things the way they are. I appreciate your reply, including the “for the future” information.