Avoid MK during a.m. EMH if off site?

Everything I’ve read says to avoid a park during EMH if you don’t have access to them. I scheduled our touring plan for Feb 26 (5 crowd level) then realized it has EMHs. So I copied the plan for Feb 27 ( 6 crowd level) to see if it made much of a difference. Not much different really - maybe added 30 min. The 26th has hrs til 12 am, Wishes at 10 and 2 evening parades. We aren’t interested in the parades so it seems to me it would just make it harder for us to grab a spot for Wishes and we have a child in a wheelchair so we need a good spot. Friday is also our last day of touring so the kiddies (6 yrs to 16 yrs, 4 kids total) will be worn out.

So should I just trust my Feb 26 TP and the short lines in the a.m. anyway?

Side note - what’s a good spot for a wheelchair for Wishes?

Thanks! TPs is my new Disney related obsession!


Personally, I would never go to a park with AM EMH if I couldn’t do the EMH. I’ve never run a TP for an EMH day that didn’t use EMH, but from personal experience, by the time they open the gates to “regular” guests, the lines are already building. For Wishes, you may want to consider using an FPP. Maybe not the “perfect” viewing angle, but much less crowded than anywhere else and you don’t have to stake out a spot over an hour in advance (only to have someone hoist their kid up on their shoulders right in front of you just as the show starts)…

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Thank you. I think switching my days is the safer bet. I just called Disney to see if she’ll be able to use the DAS for Wishes and they said yes. I hope that’s true since I haven’t found good spots for Celebrate the Magic for wheelchairs. I’m guessing regular FPs are already gone or will be by the time I can schedule them.