Avoid Hollywood Studios?

Hi guys!

We are going to Disney for one day with hopper tickets, one day between December 15 to December 20. Of course that we were thinking of visiting Hollywood Studios, because Galaxy Edge and because it was the only park we skipped last Christmas in our first visit to Disney World.

But I read that other parks may be emptier on that week, because of Rise of the Resistance opening in December 5.

So the question is, will other parks be emptier on the week we are choosing the one day to go?

This is happening so out of the blue with haven’t even get any fast passes yet, since we don’t want to buy the ticket until we find out first the best day out of the week to go.

Our goal is to do 2 or 3 parks, and always end up in Magic Kingdom just for the fireworks show.

Option 1: Hollywood Studios then Animal Kingdom in the afternoon and end up in Magic kingdom.

Option 2: Animal Kingdom and end up in Magic Kingdom.

Btw this time we are going to Universal for 5 days and for one crazy day at Disney, but even if we don’t go to Hollywood Studios this time is fine, because we are planning to go back in 2221 or 2022 for 5 days at Disney, once hopefully Tron, Ride of the Resistance and Guardian of the Galaxy may have Fast Pass by then.


One thing to look at is the current Fastpass availability using the TP tool for each park across the possible days…and the one that has the MOST FP availability likely will have lower crowds.

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Honestly it’s hard to say right now what crowds will be like after RotR. If I was you I would book FPs in AK for the afternoon and decide whether you want to go to HS first closer to the time.


Thanks ryan1 I didn’t even know that data was available. So each park has different amount of fast passes per day?

Btw what about the hypothesis of other parks being less busy that week, because Rise of the Resistance opening in December 5?

It isn’t really a testable hypothesis. But actual FP availability gives you direct insight into how many people have already planned their rides, which gives you something to base decisions on.

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Thanks missoverexcited, good point, so the window is always open for both

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Actually, I take that back. It might be if you use the FP availability for HS looking at the week BEFORE ROTR and the week AFTER ROTR opens. It would give some insight as to how much more crowded it may be, and for which days.


Thanks ryan1, good point as well, now how can I go about finding that data for the weekdays of December 16 to 20?

Start here: https://touringplans.com/hollywood-studios/fastpass-availability/date/2019-12-16

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BTW, I made a whole post on the topic of what I think ROTR will do for overall crowds a few weeks ago (summary: not a whole lot). It is entirely my own hypothesis, though, waiting to be proven right (or, ahem, wrong).

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Thanks a lot ryan1, you are a walking enciclopedia when it comes to these parks! :slight_smile:

But Disney adjusts the number of fastpasses they release based on expected crowds as well which confounds things.


Yes. It isn’t a perfect solution, but gives at least something.

For example, if I look at Dec. 16 versus Dec. 17, Alien Saucers has somewhat significantly more FP availability…but both are listed as a CL 9. So, if I were a betting man, I’d choose the 17th over the 16th. But, you’re right that Disney might have released more FPs on the 17th.

ETA: I should point out I wouldn’t just use a single data point of ASS FP availability to make my decision…just using that as an example.

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