Avoid 7DMT at RD?

My custom touring plan suggests hitting Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear at RD to walkons before heading to 7DMT for an expected 30 minute wait. Seems counterintuitive to everything I’ve read. The thing that is a bit different is that this is scheduled to be a CL3 day on an EMM. Wondering if the data in the algorithm indicates that there will be a long line already built by the EMMers before I even get there and that, by going to Tomorrowland first, those people will have dispersed already to their breakfast and I’ll just have to line up behind those who have normal entry time.


See this video from TP in which Len explains (near the end) that the crowd at 7DMT builds, then dips… basically the conclusion was that unless you are in line at 7DMT in the very first wave of people, the line builds to about 30 minutes quickly, then dips, then starts to build again. Therefore getting in line at 8:15 or 8:45 (it was an 8 am opening when they did the video) is likely to lead to a similar wait time… so, it is possible that the trade off for no wait at BL and SM would be worth it…


Interesting. I just need to keep telling myself, “trust the algorithm, trust the algorithm…”

I made the mistake of not trusting my touring plan during my last trip and paid a time price for it. I was ahead of schedule and saw a somewhat short line for Tomorrowland Speedway. We went ahead and got in line 30 minutes before the plan said and ended up waiting way longer than predicted. Right when we reached the front of the line (about the same time as I should have shown up if I was following my touring plan) they ended up opening another area of the speedway and people behind us had a much shorter wait. Had I only trusted the plan, I could have squeezed in a quick snack or another attraction and kept my short wait for Tomorrowland Speedway. Lesson learned!!!

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