Avg RD FOP wait time nowadays?

What is the average wait time if you RD FOP these days? Planning to go on a Saturday in Feb and will RD the morning EMH. Well, that is if I don’t score a FPP next week :slight_smile:

We arrived at 715 on a Saturday with EMH in October. Taps opened at 735. Mass of people allowed to bridge. Moved from bridge into Pandora around 745ish (maybe earlier). We were in linking chamber at 758am. Off ride by 810 and on to other lands.

That’s what I wanted to hear! TP was saying that we would have a 112 min wait. Last time we went to AK my kids were too small and we didn’t want to deal with rider swap etc. so we just went the opposite way of everyone else and got Dinosaur, EE etc done without waits. I’m hoping I can score a FPP and do that again, but if not we’ll EMH RD it. If we can be done by 8:30 I’d be happy.

“RD” is a range; it depends on how close to the beginning of the RD pack you are. If you get there very early and are in the first few dozen through the gate, you’ll basically have a “walk-on”. If you get there later and have hundreds of people ahead of you waiting for the RD gates to open, then you could see a wait of an hour or more. This is true of any RD at any park.

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Yeah, we are typically within the first chunk of people in any RD. Just haven’t heard anything regarding RDing FOP lately and wondered if things had calmed down at all in general .

We did RD there in October. We got in line at 7:55, and in the initial group of people and we were probably on the second ride of the day. Once they started walking us back we basically never stopped until we got on. We were done before 9:00, then went straight to Navi and had a very minimal wait. This was on a Sunday with no EMH.

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