Average trip length?

Hi all, just wondering what your thoughts are on an ideal trip length with a 5 and 7 year old? Plan on staying at the poly for 5nights next April so would be 4 and a half park days. I’m kind of debating a longer trip but I’m afraid it will just get too exhausting for them not to mention heavy on the wallet. Would love to hear your thoughts/experiences

Longer trip affords greater flexibility to enjoy shorter park days. So they cost more but may be more enjoyable in the end, provided you don’t try to cram more in which is a common pitfall.

5 days would be nice though :slight_smile:


When our daughters were that age, we did a 7 night stay with 5 day park tickets and one day at Universal. They didn’t find it too overwhelming. We scheduled afternoon breaks most days and didn’t do any evening shows. Instead we were back at the resort after dinner and into bed as early as possible to do rope drop the next morning.

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I think a week is ideal. That way you can spend 4 or 5 days in the parks and have 1-2 days to relax at the resort. I think your plan to do 5 nights is great though–I would make some time to relax at the Poly. The pool is fabulous so take some afternoon breaks and enjoy it.

My “average” trip is 5 park days with a travel (non-park) day on each end. I don’t really go all the way to WDW to spend time at the resort (I live in Pensacola and if I want a “resort get away” I can do it 30 min from home). On my last trip, with DW, we did 6 days with a travel day on each end, but only did 4 park days and 2 resort days (however I had an AP, so I went into a park for a couple hours each of the “resort” days).

I usually stay 7 nights, I just enjoy having a slower pace. Plus, I like going to MK and AK twice.

We do a week with our kids. We find it more laid back and we can fit in some pool time. First trip we did a 5 day ticket and one day at a water park/DS. Second trip we did a 6 day ticket. Pool/ resort exploration the first day and DS on departure day.

We also don’t do RD to close every day either.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Gives me some things to consider

Agree… we just got back from a 10 day trip and we spent parts of 9 days in parks… but with so much time, several of our park days were only a couple hours in the morning and an hour or two in evening (or not) with lots of swimming, great meals and relaxation involved. Some of that is due to June heat, which is oppressive at times, but some was just so we could take our foot off the gas. Our trip had a 9 and 5 year old. I will say, everyone gets tired so having late start days to sleep in and the ability to relax was nice.

The wallet is still gasping for breath.


i like 8-10 days. we mostly RD every day. I haven’t seen a park closing time with my family (young DD). we aren’t night owls. we book 1 table service meal per day.

First trip for my youngest they wer 5&6, we did 10 days (8 park days) We rope dropped every morning, took breaks every day, and went back early evening. We only did two later nights, the rest we were back at the resort by 9pm. Rested kids and going at their pace and we had no meltdowns or tantrums. This is still the way we like to do Disney.

When our kids were 4 and 7 we did 10 days with 9 park days. It was perfect with lots of rest.

The next trip we did 4.5 park days in a row and we were pretty tired at the end. At that time I learned to game the system with an extra set of magic bands so we got extra FP with less waiting in line. We also did a couple week long trips when the kids were younger and that was pretty good too but 10 days is more relaxing.

I would rather stay at a moderate over the Poly if money prevented a longer trip. That or renting DVC at a cheaper resort like AKL. The small kitchenette can help save a bit on food.

If this is your first trip, I would do longer a trip, at least 7 nights. o/w it will feel rushed. if it’s a return trip and you are only seeing your faves or new things, then shorter is probably fine

Thanks again everyone for your input. I’m booked but only staying 5 nights as that’s all the time we can take off and all we can really afford as I have my heart set on staying at the poly. But I’m happy, I know we won’t see everything but I’m ok with that. I know it’s going to blow my kids minds as the only theme park they have ever been to is Sesame place a couple years ago and they still ask if we can go back to “ Elmo world”

Have you considered contacting Magical Vacations Travel and see if they can get you a longer stay? I’m saving a ton of $$ booking a deluxe hotel thru them.

Editing to add - I reread and see where it’s all the time you can take off…

Even still, contacting MVT for your current trip and saving $$ is always a good thing!