Average number of attractions per day?

What are the average number of attractions the typical family can complete at the MK? I read somewhere 8. Wondering if using touring plans what people comfortably accomplish?? Our family is 2 adults and one 6 yr old (very petite and happy to be pushed around in a stroller). We are from a big city so walk often in our daily lives and walk fast.

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We have 21 plus planed open to close not including BOG late breakfast / early lunch and LTT dinner but also no roller coasters. ME 48 DW ?? DD 17 both me and DW will have ECVs and TP is set on relaxed speed.

Ah, but will the crowd let you? :wink:

I think we usually land somewhere around 13-16

We have a 5 yo and 7 yo, I expect we will accomplish 15 to 20 depending if we stop for many characters. This is with a 3 hr break back to the hotel.

If you are there for RD, and plan FP+ wisely, you will get well over 8 by early afternoon. I have 11 in my plan before our break at 1:35.

We accomplished over 20 pretty easily our last trip with a 3 and 5 yr old.

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With 4 kids in March we averaged 15 per day. That included 4 hour breaks and also counted evening shows, Jedi Training, etc.

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We RD’d, had QS for lunch, and did 22 before our 645 CRT ADR. Then we watched Wishes and rode 3 more random attractions before leaving during busy spring break last year. This was our second MK day of the trip, and we had done all of Adventureland/Frontierland/Liberty Square the first MK day and left after parade that day. We did a few repeats from these areas on our second MK day but the majority of stuff was Tomorrowland/Fantasyland. I would say 12-25 is doable even on higher crowd days (CL7-9).

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One of our days last trip we just rode the FPP train. Used our first three and then kept getting more. I think we used 9 total in 8 hrs?

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We did that too–I think we rode buzz three times in a row with a FPP in like 20 minutes and there were 6 of us! When it’s not the only MK day, it is a lot of fun to just see where the FPP’s take you. We RD’d EMH and got pretty much everything done by 12 and then just went with it. The only line we waited in was the god-awful much-hated Tomorrowland speedway line.

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We actually have PLANS to ride the FPP train one of our MK days (well, evenings) next trip!


I had a very interesting conversation with an “off duty” cast member when hanging out at Epcot. According to them, Disney’s goal is for the average guest is to have them experience 10 attractions. He was pretty spot on for the average. Some are going to do 5, some 20, but 10 is definitely a pretty average goal. (Now I can do that with less than an hour in wait times probably but others may do 10 attractions and wait 6 hours).


I always plan for 12 attractions!

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I would think a big piece of this is determined by how long you plan to be in the parks and how huried a pace you are aiming for?

Our TP forecasts 11 attractions from RD to the parade but we also have our walking speed set to super slow.

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Great question. I have been wondering where to set my expectations for our party of 6 with kids age 9, 7, and 4.

OP here, thanks for the feedback! I should had mentioned we have early pre park opening breakfasts that should get us on rides early. Most nights we will leave the park around 7pm.

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That number may be correct for the “typical” family, but it is way low for a “liner” family. Remember, a large majority of guests do not have any sort of rational plan for attacking the parks - that is why you see lots of people standing around staring at a park map arguing about where to go next.


Last week, on a CL7 (projection) day, our family accomplished 20 attractions at MK from RD to HEA - with an optimized touring plan. Kids are 15, 13, 10. They had planned 27, and the remainder got pushed over to our last day when we could park hop. Great times.

Protip - you will speed your “meal breaks” if you use mobile ordering for QS rather than standing in the lines at the restaurant.


Definitely Space Mountain next.

No. That’s clear across the park. We should at least hit Haunted Mansion on the way there.

If we hit Haunted Mansion, by the time we get off, the line for Space Mountain will be a mile long.

I don’t want to do Haunted Mansion. I’m hungry. Can we at least get something to eat first?

But the Disney app says the line for Space Mountain is only 10 minutes right now!

Yeah, but by the time we get over there, it will be 20 more minutes.

Haunted Mansion, then we can get some Mickey Ear Ice Cream. THEN Space Mountain.

Guys. Look. Thunder Mountain is a five minute wait and it’s RIGHT THERE!

I’m still hungry.


Correction - That’s RD to PC. We did a few attractions after HEA.

We are skipping thT this time. I can not deal with that exhaust smell.

when y’all are talking about 10 attractions per day, are we including character meets, meals, and parades/shows, or RIDES?