Avatar without FP @ night

planning a last min. trip and we plan on visiting Avatar at night since there are no FP available for the time we will be there. We expect a wait but need help on a touring plan on how long to allow to experience the rides and land. We are on site and plan on staying till close, will eat there ect…All experiences and advice is welcome and thanks in advance.

I’m interested in this too! @jeanneg4of4 when are you going?

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We will be there August 8 but have local family joining us on the 11 when their blackout dates open.

Realistically for looking around 30 minutes, I think, is more than enough. The land is not huge but at night there is a lot to observe and you’ll probably want to take pictures. I can highly recommend Satu’li for food. It was delicious! I didn’t have one of the pods, but my husband and I both had the bowls and the blue dessert thing. Yum!

I’ve got personal experience from a couple of days ago

Queue was showing 140 mins at the gate in the park for avatar on Monday evening just gone

That was 9.40pm. It actually took us 100 mins. But it was draining.

But it’s worth the queue

I believe from talking to the gate attendants right now on the ride that whatever time you try - early morning through to late night (the park is opening 10pm to 12pm every night for hotel guests) that you can expect a lengthy queue.

In the mornings it’s chaos just joining the queue. As I said in a post earlier this week

On Monday morning as hotel guests we had 8am access for the rides. We arrived at the park at 7.40am and faced 4 queues to get on avatar

The first queue to get in the park itself took 20 plus minutes.

The second queue inside the park for hotel guests to access Pandora world took 10 plus minutes.

The third queue was a queue they formed that went almost to Africa land and snaked back. This queue was to join the proper avatar queue itself.

It was 250 metres at 8.15am just to get access to the proper avatar queue but it was 500 metres by 8.30am

When we made the real queue it showed 120 mins above the gate. But it started slow but then went really quick. I estimate 45 mins to 60 mins at that stage.

For us in summary we got on the avatar ride at 9.15am having arrived at the park at 7.40am. (the queues moved quickly despite being huge)

I asked the attendant and she said it’s like this every morning now early magic hours or not.

At night the queue was nowhere near as long but moved much more slowly (I guess they have less rides working inside later at night?) as I said it showed 140 mins but took 100 mins.

We looked at the queue wait time at 11.30pm for a potential third ride but it was showing 120 minutes

Navi journey took 30 minutes to get on at 9pm ish on Monday night despite the wait time at the park on the entry saying 80 minutes.

In the morning that queue was showing 75 mins but also had a queue snaking round just to join the official queue and we joined it but after 15 mins we left the morning Navi queue as it was moving so slow.

Pandoras world seems to be the in place to be right now

Avatar is worth every minutes wait and you will want to repeat it I predict. It’s that good. But you will have to seriously queue whenever you try.

Anyone doing the drop probably needs to be at the park really early to reap the benefit as everyone seems to be doing that and then all heading to avatar right now. If yo are only 30 mins before opening then you are facing HUGE queues.

Hope this helps

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Ps I was amazed how many hotel guests were there 10pm to 12pm and 8am to 9am

It seemed to be as bad as any other time of the day if not worse?

We queued 2 hours from 10pm with EMH, The ride was having technical issues - without those I think we would have been an hour.

I went twice to AK at night during out trip for EMH, which was basically 2 weeks ago, July 9 though July 16.

First time was the night of Wednesday July 12th. I got to the Pandora area at around 9:45pm that night, and I was able to ride FOP twice in one hour and 5 minutes. Also rode Navi River once more later that night with maybe a 5 minute wait.

I went again on the evening of Saturday July 15th, again arriving to the Pandora area at the same time, around 9:45pm. That night the wait time for FOP was listed as being over 2 hours. I did not wait to go on again that night.

Both of those nights I was able to drive to AK around 9pm, and basically park in the first two rows closest to the entrance. It was really convenient, and I also got to ride Expedition Everest at night, while the rivers of light show was going in, it was quite the spectacle.

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