Avatar strategies

Sorry if this is duplicative. We have FPs for Flight of Passage from 9:30-10:30 on what is currently a 9 am park open, no EMH. We had planned to RD the Navi River ride, use our FP for FoP, then possibly wander in the world for a while before our lunch reservation at TH. We have a RoL dining package, and an 11:30 am reservation. If we needed to, we could come back to wander the Pandora area after lunch.

However, I’m seeing alarming information about the time to get through the river journey on standby, and even how long it is taking to get through FoP with FPs. Do I need to reorganize this day? DH is rolling his eyes at the thought that 2 1/2 hours is not enough to ride two rides and walk through the scenery, but maybe?

I’m going July 19. We had also planned to take a break by maybe 2 and swim (we’re at AK-Kidani), and head back to AK for RoL, maybe for QS dinner depending on how long we break. We’ve been to AK several times, so don’t need to hit the whole park. We want to do Avatar land, RoL, and KS.

Your plan sound pretty much the same as I would make if I were going. There’s not a lot of data to work with yet, and opening weekend of a major new land and rides will always give skewed results. I was considering the idea of getting the FPP for NRJ, and hitting FoP right at RD; the queue looks amazing, and I would like to experience the whole thing at least once - but by walking through it and not standing in it for hours. Either way, I’m hearing that you want to be at the park gate 60-90 minutes before opening to get near the front of the RD crowd…


Out of curiosity I’d checked the app a few minutes ago and someone posted at 8:07 time this morning of 37 minutes in Standby for Navi River Ride. Presuming you rope drop it, I’d guess you would be fine to hit Navi River before your FP for Flight of Passage.

I’d also guest some of the ridiculous times this weekend were driven by it being brand new and the locals being out in full force over the weekend to experience something new. But…I’d suggest monitoring how things go until your trip to get a better feel. I expect wait times to stay long, but not as bad as this weekend, hopefully…


We plan on RD’ing the river ride, hitting FP safari after and getting to TH by 9:20. That’s the plan. 8am opening June 11. I just hope if we are in line too long, and want to skip it we can somehow make our way out. I want to see it, as it’s our first and probably only trip to Disney, but eh, we’ll live without if it we have too. I have an OCD personality, so I have to make a very concerted effort to just let it go. I think my 7 year old might be too scared for FOP too, so who knows what the day will be like for us.

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