Avatar Pandora Animal Kingdom

What chance do we have of getting into Avatar World/Pandora at Animal Kingdom on May 3rd? Also- will the announcement of the May 27 opening of this attraction increase crowds a WDW? We chose these dates due to low crowd predictions??

I plan on going that week, but I would say anyone planning their trip based on crowds lately is setting themselves up for disappointment. I go every three or four weeks and the parks have been consistently busy and Touring Plans has been off by two levels consistently, and not in my favor.

Yes, Pandora is going to increase the crowds, but mostly, at AK. I’m looking out at my plans and I’m seeing the 1st week of May, the last two weeks of September, and after Thanksgiving through the second week of Christmas as my best chances to go without having my patience tried.

Plan your trip plans well, get your fast passes, bring your flexbility and patience and you’ll be fine.

Was wondering the same thing…we will be at WDW the week before the "official " opening of Avitar/Pandora World. Hoping that Disney will have it available for us, but not counting on it. Any insider information about this will help me adjust my touring plans :grin:

Hopefully the LINERS will keep us informed of any soft openings. While we are in the area.

Although there will no doubt be some “soft openings”, I would be highly doubtful that they would start as early as the 3rd.