Avatar lines prevision are correct?

Hi, I´m afraid the touring plan personalized are not giving me a reasonable prevision for Avatar Flight of Passage and Na´vi River Journey. I´m going on January, crowd 2 according to Touring Plans, and I´m planning to go to Pandoras land first thing in the morning. The touring plan prevision is 35/37 minutes for each ride but I have read about people making it in 2 hours at the same time. Please, what´s your experience with this rides with this crowd? Thank you a lot in advance for your help!

There isn’t enough info yet on those rides for an accurate prediction. Get there at least an hour early for a short wait.

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We were there over the Thanksgiving week and arrived to Animal Kingdom on a crowd level 8 day with an 8:00am opening time. We arrived about 10 minutes before opening and it was clear that they had already been letting folks into the park for quite some time. There wasn’t a line at all to get into the park. We busted it to Pandora and walked right on to Na’vi River Journey. Truly…no wait at all. We didn’t attempt FOP because we had a fast pass later in the day. After Na’vi River Journey we headed to Kilimanjaro Safaris and walked right on there as well. A breakfast at Tusker House followed by a fast pass for Lion King followed by another fast pass for FOP made it an amazing morning!


If you want to ride Flight of Passage without a long wait, I’d get there 60-75 minutes before rope drop as the others said: they typically start letting people in to Pandora 30-40 minutes before scheduled park opening. If you just arrive at scheduled park opening, the wait will already be well above 90 minutes, if not a few hours.

I wrote a post about our day in August - our walk in and time to ride on that day was longer than most people report since, but the idea of how it works might be useful to you:

By all accounts, if you get there early, rope drop FoP and then go on Navi River right after, you can have both done by 15-20 minutes after scheduled park opening.

I wish the touring plan estimates would stop telling people the waits are low first thing in the morning, or at least mention that people are getting there very early.


The times are usually very accurate. If you arrive an hour before the park opens you will have no wait time at all on a crowd level 2 day.

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