Avatar Land

Do we really think Avatar land will open in March of next year? I am just playing around with touring plans for my March trip and it lets me put that in there, but having heard next to nothing about it, I wonder if it will really be ready by March?

It’s hard to tell now. I’ve seen plenty of construction photos lately that show a lot of the building exteriors looking pretty far along, but no idea what’s going on inside. Hopefully, all the attractions worked as designed.

Disney added James Cameron to a D23 event scheduled in November, so I presume they’ll be promoting the new land then. Given the trouble getting Rivers of Light launched on time, I’d think they’ll do everything possible to have this project open on time, but their track record hasn’t been very good lately.


Well, that could change ALL my plans then! Do we know what rides will be in Avatarland?

There is talk of two rides. A Saorin type ride and a boat ride.

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From all that I have read (and I have read a LOT), the earliest date that has any “traction” in rumorland is April 22 - Earth Day. Personally, I’m guessing Memorial Day.

There will be two rides.

“Flight of Passage” will be somewhat similar to Soarin’ (in that its a ride vehicle suspended in front of a very large screen), but it is an entirely different ride system, it will be in 3D, and the ride vehicle will probably move a lot more than Soarin’. It is being classified as a “thrill” ride. There is talk of multiple screens, some of which may move, but very few details have been “leaked” - especially about the nature of the ride vehicle. There will be 4 “theaters” and a long, immersive, queue.

The other ride is the “Na’vi River Journey”. This will use the same ride system as the Shanghai PoC (that allows for the boats to turn sideways or even move backwards), but the ride will be shorter and will not be a “thrill” ride (i.e. no drops). It is expected that it will be a combination of “real” sets and screens, and will have the most advanced AAs ever developed. Other than the likely ride path and a brief glimpse of one of the AAs, virtually NO details have been “leaked”.

There is talk of some sort of walk-through attraction as well, but NO details seem to be available regarding this. There will also be a large QS restaurant; the back story is that the facility is the abandoned “chow hall” when the corporate soldiers (from the movie) left Pandora, and it is now being used by the tour company that has opened Pandora to visitors.

The land itself will actually be an attraction in and of itself with amazing scope and theming, with lush foliage, water features, etc. And at night, the whole thing is supposed to glow with “bio-luminescence”.

I’m actually more excited about this than I am for either Toy Story Land or Star Wars Land…


That all sounds exciting. Hoping it opens as scheduled, but will certainly stay tuned for changes. Thanks for the in-depth reply!

Na’vi River Journey
“A musical voyage into Pandora’s bioluminescent forest, this trip is as calm and family-friendly as they come. The adventure begins as guests board canoes and venture down a mysterious, sacred river hidden within the rainforest. The grandeur of Pandora is revealed as canoes float past exotic glowing plants and an array of amazing creatures, include native humanoids known as Na’vi. The journey culminates in an encounter with a Na’vi shaman, who has a deep connection to the life of Pandora and sends positive energy into the forest with her music. Na’vi River Journey is generally appreciated by guests of all ages (through timid tykes who are spooked by darkness may find parts of this expedition unsettling).”

Flight of Passage
“The crowning jewel of Animal Kingdom’s newest neighborhood, AVATAR Flight of Passage invites daredevils to take a scenic trip to Pandora on the backs of a flying Mountain Banshee. The intense journey takes place in a cutting-edge, simulator-like environment and offers much more than a thrill a minute. Guests are treated to a bird’s-eye view of all the sights, sounds, and smells of the majestic moon that the Na’vi call home.
A high-flying “E-Ticket” experience, Flight of Passage is a most realistic, immersive experience. It is not recommended for guests with motion sensitivity, heart conditions, fear of heights, or any other physical issues. This experience is quite popular, book a Fastpass+ assignment if you can. For height requirements, visit www.disneyworld.com.”

These are descriptions from Birnbaum’s 2017 Guide to Walt Disney World