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Mid Jan. -Myself, DH and 7yoDD will be at Animal Kindgom in the afternoon and evening. We will not be able to make rope drop. In reviewing touring plans, We have a 6:30 pm fastpass to the Na Journey and will plan to go to FOP after that. Questions: Do they start to turn people away at the end of day? How long should it take to get thru FOP line and how late after closing?
Also will a 7yo be bored to death in the queue?
Thank you in advanced

Maybe mid January won’t be so bad as the weather is iffy. Just getting a fastpass to FOP is a challenge let alone going without one. I have never been yet and plan to make my fastpasses for early March. People out here have waited as much as 4 hours and I won’t bet a 7 year old could handle that. On the other hand some have been lucky but mostly at rope drop. Never hurts to try though. If the line is long, time to move on to a different ride and fastpass it the next time. You can also look for fastpasses given up by others using the Disney Mobile App. Good Luck.

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We are going to AK on January 8th- just got fast passes for FOP yesterday! Keep trying- although you would have to give up Navi fast pass if you get one for FOP ( I am pretty sure you can’t get both). I have read lately that getting on line close to park closing cuts wait time for FOP since fast passes are done for the day. If you are on line before closing I think they will let you on. Good luck!


DH and I wanted to see the FoP queue, so we got in line shortly before park close; this was in early November, don’t recall what the crowd level was. Posted wait was 90 minutes, actual was around 70.


I’m an advocate for RD, but since you’re not doing that I suggest looking for same day FP. People have had luck on the 7’s eg 11:07, 1:07, 2:07. Good luck, hope it works out for you.