Avatar FOP wait times?

Quick question regarding Avatar FOP at Animal Kindgom.

I’m now within 30 days of holiday and being able to book FP+. However, the last 3-4 days I’ve had no luck at all trying to get any FP time slots for Avatar in April.

So, I had a brief look at the ‘lines mobile app’ for today and tomorrow and its suggesting an estimation line time of 96 minutes at 8:00 hours in the morning and increasing throughout the day?

However, on the other hand, I’ve created personalized touring plans for Animal Kingdom in April and placed Avatar FOP at 9:00am first thing in the morning, which is telling me a wait time of close to 20 minutes without a FastPass?

So I’m very lost and not sure what to believe and don’t know what strategy to use for Avatar FOP if I can’t get a FP.

Any advice welcome,


There’s absolutely no chance that you’ll wait only 20 minutes unless you’re at the park (and I don’t mean just arriving, I mean through bag check etc) at least an hour before opening. 75 mins early would be better.

Even with a FP it can take 30 mins or longer to get on.

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that’s kinda what I was thinking to be honest.

the only thing I can do is be there early and get there first.

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If you definitely want to ride and definitely don’t want to wait, plant to be there and through bag check 75 minutes before. Be to the left as you go into the park, then ask you get the bridge to Pandora (they will likely hold you there) you want to be on the right.

If you can manage to be at the front or near the front of the pack, you’ll walk right on.


I believe that the ride is worth doing.

But now i’m thinking about just forgetting about the morning strategy and take the risk for last thing int he day before rivers of light.

Sunday, April 7, 2019
Disney’s Animal Kingdom

FP+ Kilimanjaro Safaris 11:00-12:00 PM
FP+ Expedition Everest 1:20-2:20 PM
FP+ Na’vi River Journey 5:20-6:20 PM

Touring Plans optimization is advising me to go last on my list; after my River Journey FP; estimating 95-minute wait.

Which all in all, looks like a fab day within everything else at minimal wait times; especially by using the morning.


We were there this past Sunday. My sister did not have a FPP for FOP but everyone else did. She ended up waiting in line at around 11:30 and waited exactly an hour. I think the posted time was 95 minutes. Based on my observation and research the line gets really long in the morning and then dies down a bit at lunch.

While we were at dinner we were able to score another FPP at the 5:01 drop for around 7:00 PM. Everyone was so excited to ride it again. It was like Christmas morning.

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