Avatar FOP at Park Closing according to Plan?

I had to reschedule my trip due to Hurricane Irma and my half day (the day we arrive) at AK is now a bit busier on the crowd calendar. I have a FP for Rivers of Light and Na’avi River Journey, but couldn’t score one for FOP. My Touring Plan now has us seeing Rivers of Light, then going to FOP to (hopefully) get in line one minute before the park closes. I can drop another ride or two if I need to, but I wanted to know if anyone else had done this and how well it worked.

We’ll be there Saturday, Sep 23.


I did it end of August. Got in at 9:29pm. Park closed at 9:30pm. I waited about 40 minutes.

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How hard was it to get out of the Rivers of Light crowds and get over to FOP?

Sorry I did not do ROL. I did NAVI standby and then jumped in line for FOP at 9:29. I was just sharing my wait time experience at that time of night.

I saw RoL at 8:45 and I had a FoP FP that the window was 8:30-9:30. A lot of people were running to standby. I was at FoP by 9:10-9:15?