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Touring Plans evaluate is telling me that if I get to FoP at 7am and ride twice for 2 adults with ride switch to hold our toddler while we ride, the whole thing will take us an hour. Is that realistic? Has anyone done FoP first thing in the morning with ride switch?

What is your travel date? Are you going this month before the end of EEMH?

10/31/19 Park opens at 7am.

On a day with EEMH my friends that didn’t have a FP for FOP arrived a little before 7am and were done with FOP and NRJ by 7:50, so sounds reasonable.


If you are willing to get to the park by 6am - 6:15am to get to the front of the herd this is manageable. Your 2nd ride may start close to / at 8am.

Do you have an ADR or anything you need to “rush” to by 8:30am? If not you should be starting the rest of your day around 8:30am - 8:45am

FOP has a long queue to walk and two pre-shows. I would say that estimate of an hour is pretty accurate.


I agree with @BoilerMomPharmD, that it takes most of an hour for two back-to-back rides. I did two with FPP (DH’s and mine), not Rider Swap, but it’s the same idea.

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