Availability of SDFPP at MK

We have always RD’d at MK and gotten so much done that we we’ve never used SDFPP. This time we (2 adults) will be at MK in the afternoon only. It’s a MVMCP night the week after Thanksgiving. Should I expect to still be able to get some SDFPP from 1-6 with the party goers coming in at 4? It’s a CL 2. Typically we are gone by early afternoon, so I don’t know what to expect.

I feel like MK is the best park to obtain SD FPPs because there are so many attractions. I think you should be to do it. We have managed to snag some great FPPs while at MK. Just keep refreshing the app–you’ll be surprised by what comes up if you refresh over and over.

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I would think HM, POTC, IASW, WTP, UTS, should all be available. Not sure about the mountains but you may have success there as well.