Availability changing for dessert party?

If a dessert party has no availability right now, is there a chance it will open up later? Do you ever see people cancel out? I’m just asking whether it is worth checking on multiple times of day in hopes of an opening :slight_smile:

Well I think you do need to keep checking, or you can call. It may be they just haven’t updated…don’t assume that because it’s not available to book in MDE, that it’s sold out. I had this problem with other things like Hoop Dee Doo and then all of a sudden it opened up.

Any of you brilliant Liners know if ADR finder includes dessert parties - I don’t think so, but never needed to try

Do you mind me asking what date you are looking for and which party?

Silly me is a late planner for this trip and thought to try and add the Star Wars dessert party on May 4th, so it may actually be sold out.

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ohhhh yea that is probably the case. bummer

I waited too long to book the FEA dessert party on May 10 and it was sold out. I kept checking multiple times per day and finally snagged it a few days ago. So don’t give up! People do cancel. Though the May 4th SW party may be a hard one to snag. :slight_smile:

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I agree–don’t give up. I’ve canceled dessert parties and I doubt I am the only one. Keep checking you never know.

No sadly it doesn’t. :frowning_face:

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