Automatic fax? Is it working well?

I have read a lot of entries on people using ‘Touringplans’ automatic fax room request, but I would like to hear if people are happy with the results. Is it working as planned? (Ps. I have already sent my request in for a stay in May)
I would also like to hear results from people that have faxed themselves, and people that have phoned in their request.

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Worked great for me - got the room next door to the one I requested. If you have a room preference, I think it greatly ups your chances to get either exactly what you want or something very close. I probably would recommend that if there’s something special about the room you request, to indicate that room & the special thing you really want so they know what to bounce you too if your first choice is taken…


We had the same excellent experience as @Damavs. We used the auto-fax and got a room just two doors down from the original choice…so it worked great. I would highly recommend using it.

The first trip I did the fax myself and got exactly what I requested…

The second trip we used the automated fax and got nothing like we wanted and the desk agent said she knew nothing about a fax. But she was kind of a surly girl working at Pop so that may have had something to do with it.

But in my experience if I feel like I need a specific request I’d fax it myself.

My automated fax just went out for my trip in 5 days at pop…fingers crossed, I’ll circle back and let you know!

I was able to get one of the rooms I requested

I’ve used it twice now and have it set to go for our trip in May. The first time, I didn’t get what I wanted – BUT, we were upgraded to the Club Level. I gave the credit to @len. The second time, we were across and down the hall a bit from what we wanted. I was concerned that the view would be icky, but it was fine and we really liked the room. These were both at BWI.

I think that it really doesn’t matter what method you use for getting your room request to WDW, as none of them is more “magical” than the others. What matters more is how you state your request. Very specific requests are less likely to be met, as if they are not available the room assigner can end up putting you anywhere. Well written requests that list criteria and examples stand a much better chance of you getting something you would like, for example “a north facing room on a high floor close to the elevator, e.g. 5021, 5023, or 5025.” If one of those three rooms isn’t available, they know what is important to you and can try to find something similar.

This is where the TP room finder tool comes in very handy, as once you find a room you like it gives you a request tailored to get a room like it - couple that with the automatic fax, and your work is done!


I used the TP automated fax for our stay at BLT last month. We pretty much got the opposite of what we requested! I was surprised that we didn’t get anywhere close to what we requested because it was very slow/low crowds the week we visited.

Fax went out last week and just spoke with a Disney cast member that wanted to confirm my fax because they thought they could get me closer to transportation. After our conversation, turns out my suggestion was better. So far, I’m not scheduled in the exact room I picked but down the hall a bit…not bad! Well done Touring Plans!

We got 2 rooms away from our requested room at the Poly in November so TP Fax did the job for us!

Just curious. How do you request a room type if you have 2 room reservations and need request for each? My older are traveling with us, but have their own room.

We arrived at POR at the end of January and got nowhere near what we asked for. I picked a room of the TP room finder and had that language put into the fax. No dice. Not even close.

We were traveling with someone coming in a few days after we arrived. I noted that in my request that we wanted a room in the same building/floor relatively close to them & included their reservation number. I also had them make the same request on their Fax. It worked out well as they had the room caddy corner from ours across the hall. In this case we had a Lagoon view & they had a Garden view so side by side wasn’t going to work.

I would just make sure your Fax language is consistent & note adjacent/proximity as important and include the 2nd reservation # on each Fax and DIS should be able to hook you up.

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