Automatic check in


We should arrive at Pop around 10:30 am. Should we do automatic check in or just check in when we get there. I guess you would avoid a line, but what if they have a room that is ready and you can immediately get? Also when do you get your special event buttons if you don’t check in? Thanks everyone’s!


When you do online check in, you can indicate when you will arrive. You may get a text that your room is ready, though my rooms have never been ready that early. You can still go by the desk & get buttons & you can inquire about a room immediately available, even if you have done the online check-in. You can also get buttons in any park at guest services & in many shops.


You are more likely to get your room sooner by doing online check in and indicating your arrival time.


Last time, we did online check-in, but still went to the counter to check on our room. We were able to get the exact room we wanted and it was ready before 3pm. Up to you!


Thank you everyone, I will do online checkin now that I understand the advantages! Have a magical day!


We did online check in and we walked off ME at 10:30am. As soon as we entered the Poly lobby I got a text that our room was ready. I’m sure it was a coincidence, but I thought it was Disney Magic! We did not get the exact building I requested, but did get a 3rd floor with balcony.


My room was ready around 9 am on our last trip.


Wow! That is awesome! Now that I really think about it, I always ask for the special deep clean due to Patrick’s allergies, so that is probably why our room is never ready early.