Automated Cameras Replacing Photographers


It is being reported that automated cameras are replacing PhotoPass Photographers at locations throughout WDW beginning with the Tinkerbell meet and greet. I may be biased because I used to be PhotoPass, but this sounds like a terrible idea. I admit some photographers are terrible, but the majority of them have the ability to capture beautiful candid moments between guests and characters. I don’t think a robot could do that - plus what about positioning of the camera? What if there is a big group or someone who cant turn to face the camera (wheelchair or special needs)???


Oh no !!! That’s horrible !!! :frowning:


Well, no need to spend $169 this year, I guess. The kids and DH hate standing in those lines and smiling anyway.




Sad, just SAAAAAAD. cmon Disney


I saw this earlier. They do this, I will skip MM and have the handler use my phone to take pics.


Ha, you think they will still allow this? How will they profit??


They allow it now even with photopass photographers.


I suspect that means you get a single “everyone look at the camera on count of 3” shot. What about the other images that are usually captured? I have AP so I guess I will use whatever option there is. I will also take a bunch of pictures of my kids with the characters on my phone and then hop in for an official photo, slowing things down for everyone. Ugh. I prefer photographers.


The best pictures we got are the ones that aren’t the posed shot but the cute interaction pictures.


That sucks we had great photos over the past 2 weeks but in our day at Universal saw loads of these photo stops … zero magic … shame


I’m really against this. The candid photos from our last trip were my favorites by far. Along with all the other downsides I don’t think little kids will understand to turn to look at a box and smile for a box taking a photo. Kids know (and sometimes cooperate) when they see a camera pointed at their face, but I doubt you’d get even a smile if photographers are replaced with automation. Does anyone have a contact so we can voice our displeasure with this change?


Just wait till they replace the characters in the M&Gs with animatronics!


EXACTLY! This is not a good idea.


I think tweeting (aka public shaming) is how to draw the most attention to your disappointment about things like this. But there may be other ways that are good too.


That probably is the best way, but I don’t use Twitter. I’m hoping this test run with Tink doesn’t work out well and they scrap the whole thing. Fingers crossed!


Thanks for sharing. This is a terrible idea. Even someone who isn’t a great photographer is better than an automated camera! I was on the fence about whether to get MM next trip. This makes me lean heavily towards “no.”


I picture being in line behind “that” family who takes 50 pictures. The lines will be horrible. Disney had to find the money for $15 an hour. And before anyone jumps on me, yes the CM deserved a raise. The money has to come from increased prices and less customer service.


Email customer service -


This is really a bad move. It’s a veritable photo booth. Not worth the cost I’m sure.

I hope I will be pleasantly surprised and proved wrong.