Autograph books

I know loads of you use these so was hoping for some tips. I am looking for one that has a page for the autograph and a page for a photo?

I'm making ours. I googled "Disney Autograph Pages" and downloaded the images I wanted. I'm having them printed at shutterfly 4x6 size. Then I will mount them on color card stock or scrap book paper. So that 1 side will be the autograph page and the back of that page will be the picture page for the next autograph page. I plan to leave the pages loose for our trip and then arrange and bind them when we get home.

I designed my own pages unique for every character I may see on a 4x6 index card so I can use a normal photo album

Someone here suggested these so we ordered them for out 3 daughters.

Walt Disney World Deluxe Autograph & Sticker Book

Etsy. Lots of great selections at reasonable prices.

Try this one

Just to add something about the autograph books you buy in the parks.

We initially bought the Princess ones (the one with a pink cover) at the park. The space for the photos isn't 6x4 - it's slightly less on the height so i had to trim every photo (when we got home).

We managed to fill that book up so my daughters then decided for their second book to buy the Tinkerbell autograph book at the park. The space in this one isn't 6x4 either and it's also a different size to the space in the Princess book. So i had to trim all the photos for this book too, but to a different size to the other book. Arrrghhhhh

Thanks, I think I will make one for him as suggested, then he can have what he wants. Now just to find the time to get it done!