Autograph Books for Purchase

Might be a silly question but with characters not meeting or signing for so long I feel like I have to ask.

Are autograph books available for purchase at the parks and hotels? I’m looking on shop Disney and nothing comes up for autograph books.

Just want to make sure I don’t need to rush order something third party before my trip this next week.


Yep! Your resort gift shop should have them, and they are definitely in the larger “main” shops in the parks (like Emporium for example)

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Thank you!

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I noticed some at one of the registers in Norway pavilion yesterday

Do you remember the price? I see some knock offs on Amazon and wondering if they’re worth purchasing.

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oh gosh, I didn’t even look at the price. I meant to look too b/c there were some 50th anniversary coin press book holders behind them.

We got the Minnie one with the bow… based on my transaction history, I’m pretty sure it was more than $12, less than $20.


Quick update, AoA with very limited supply, Minnie Bow and Princesses, only a few of each.

However Fantasia and Market at Contemporary with bigger selection and tons of the “Official Autograph Book” with the blue background and Fab 5 on it.

Pretty sure it was $10.


Thanks for the update. Price is actually good but seems they could be hard to find and I should purchase ahead.