Aussies in Epcot today

My Aussie party is in Epcot today ( WHILE I"M HERE AT WORK :astonished:)

I have been doing my best to keep them good on FP now that they have most of the park covered already - any tips for FEA? They might have to stand in line for that one . . . :frowning:

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Stick with it if you have the time. FPP for FEA do show up sometimes, particularly in the evening. If you have the time to hit refresh, you might snag it.

Excellent! now TT is showing down - so if that stays down past the start time of their FP does it convert to anytime FP?

Yes! I’m not sure if that can be used for FEA, but if it can you’re in great shape! Plus, you’ll be able to get them another FPP in addition to the any time, so that can be saved for later.

Also, in case you didn’t realize it, when it converts to Anytime, if you can grab another TT FPP while it is down, that will also convert to anytime. As many as you can get!

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That was her next question. . . Its SOOO hard being at work today while they are there and i’m playing FP coordinator all the way from Texas!!

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