Aulauni Whale Watching

We are planning to be in Oahu next February, which is peak whale watching season. This is a huge bucket list item for DH, so I want to make the most of the experience.

We will be staying in Honolulu for 5 nights and hopefully Aulani for 4 more. I can’t book until the 7 month window.

I have done some preliminary research that seems to indicate Maui is the prime whale watching island, but it seems there are also whales near Oahu.

Does anyone know if it would be worth the trouble of a day trip island hop over to Maui to do a whale watching tour, or should we just book one that leaves from Oahu?

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We’ve rescheduled our Aulani trip to September now and I want to hear what others say. I will say that I lived on Oahu decades ago, for a few years, and don’t remember anything about being able to see whales… yes to sea turtles though. Good luck and Enjoy!

We went to Oahu in January and went on a dolphin snorkel and whale watching trip. It was fabulous. This is the second time we have been out with the same crew.
There is no need to go to Maui in my opinion, though we haven’t done a whale watching trip from there to compare.
We saw 5 humpback whales, including a mom and baby. The gal who drives the boat has an amazing eye, she can see them breach from a very long way away. Then she takes you close. This company goes out of the west side of the island, it was probably a 25 minute drive to the marina from Aulani. I will post some pics in a bit.


I included some of the dolphin pics as well, since that activity is awesome and was the main reason we went out (the dolphins swim under and around you from a safe distance).