It’d be cool to have an Aulani section!



+1 we are going to Hawaii for a wedding prior to our next Orlando trip so it would be great to start the planning early :slight_smile:

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The best that I could find Aulani wise is on disney tourist blog and dis boards. We’re here now, and it is gorgeous. It’s hard to beat eating breakfast on our balcony while staring at the ocean. The pool area is amazing, great theming throughout the resort.

I’m looking to rent DVC points for next year. The website says DVC owners get free parking - so does the same apply for renters? It isn’t clear so asking anyone I can find!

Gosh, I’m not sure. We’re owners, but we used rented points and it showed that we got free parking when checking in. I don’t know if they connected the dots between the accounts, but I want to think that they didn’t and we got the benefit because it was booked with points