August - Special Ticket Event

I hope someone can help me. I had made a rigorous plan for my first trip in August and scheduled two days at Magic Kingdom - Tues 15th and Tues 22nd. However, another website sent me an alert that my chosen dates will now be special tickets events at 7:45am. I assume they mean people can purchase a ticket for extra early entry into the park? Can anyone clarify what this is and whether/how this will affect my plans? Am I best to avoid this park now? I had selected Tuesdays because I understood they were less busy days!

I would presume it would be the EMM in FantasyLand which lets people into ride 7DMT, PP, etc. It’s limited to a few hundred people so overall it’s likely not a big deal at all. The one caveat would be if you had plans for an early BOG ADR to hop onto 7DMT pre-RD, you won’t be able to do that without some line. Given it’s only a few hundred people, it wouldn’t be a huge line, but it wouldn’t be the same as a non-EMM day where you might be on the first train…

If you’re not doing RD, or not rope dropping FantasyLand, it’s likely a don’t care at all…

I believe those ticketed mornings are the Early Morning Magic days. (Not Extra Magic Hours) about 200 tickets are sold to have an extra time early in the morning in Fantasyland and have breakfast.

I wouldn’t think it would change your touring plans for MK all that much.

Thank you. I have since found out about EMM but I’m not sure whether I should tweak my days?

Sorry forgot to mention the plan was to RD Fantasyland as we wanted to get that done in the morning.