August Room Rates

What are the odds that WDW will extend current discounts or offer new room discounts for August?

They will only do that if they aren’t getting bookings to fill rooms.
As they are going to open up more resorts, it seems they are getting bookings.

I would not expect it. Or if there is anything, expect it to be minimal (just so they can say they offered something, kind of thing)

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That is what I guessed. Prices are crazy for hot August! Thanks!

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My guess is that if we see it, it will be heavily targeted to a few resorts that aren’t consistently full, like GF.

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Not sure when in August you’re looking for, but Magical Vacations Travel looks to have some discounts for early August. I got a great rate for them for late August at Universal today as well.

Yes and the savings are slim. Looking at Contemporary and I think I will save less than $100 for 4 nights. I’ll take anything I can get!