August Roll Call

Didn’t see a roll call for August so thought I would start one. We (me, DW, DD15, DD13, DD13) will be at the BC 5th to 17th August, followed by 4 days cruise on the Dream (first cruise). DW and DD15 celebrating birthdays while we are there.

Who else is braving the heat and potential hurricanes in August?

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Still waiting on confirmation from DW’s work, but I think we will be there 8/11 - 8/17 - at BC too! :smiley:

One I get final confirmation I’ll re-post.

We are booked 8/22-8/29 at the Poly :slight_smile:

I don’t “have” to go in August, and even though I live in (north) FL, the heat is just too much for me to really enjoy WDW. I was there for one afternoon/evening last August (I was in town for a conference), but even that was too much. I’ll stick to the Nov-Feb time frame (but NOT Christmas). Last year (and probably this year as well) I broke that to be there for Memorial Day weekend - but again it was tied to a conference…

I plan on spending lots of time in the pool and exploring the resort. :slight_smile: Morning and evenings only at the park.

We are going 1-8th. First trip for most of us, those that have been it’s been over 20 years ago! It will be me, DH, DD(3), DS(4), DS(6) and my mom and step dad, sister and her husband. Staying at AoA


I’m taking my mum for two weeks from 27th July - so that’s mostly August! Really excited, especially sat at home with a stinking cold today. Staying at POFQ.

So far we have ADRs for BOG and the Fantasmic package. Mum is doing the ADRs though and I am trying to be patient for them but I have checked every day since they became available just to see if she’s added anything else.

Sad news. :crying: DWs schedule got all changed, so we are not going in August.

But good news, we are going in July - the 22nd to the 31st. Now I just have to book a room…

August 23-28 at AKL and August 31st - September 5 at BCV!! We’re cruising the Dream in between. It’s DD’s 16th birthday celebration!

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Maybe just maybe… A day trip the 22nd for my bday! Going to try for a pre rd cp! We will see… I’m with bswan… It’s hot and I live here so we will see if I’m up for it… If not… We will be back in oct :slight_smile:

Just paid off my trip. Feeling very excited and pretty poor right now!

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First trip August 12-20. Doing a split stay YC/WL. Hoping the heat/humidity is bearable.

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When do you check into WL? We are going Aug 14th- 23rd, staying at WL 14th- 19th.

We actually changed our resorts. Now doing Poly 12-16 then AKL 16-20.

Due to getting fined for taking kids out of school :triumph: the English contingent will be there… We are going 11-26 August. Staying off site for our first ever Disney experience. Already planning an onsite stay for 2017!

Its true @sallypoo, another one from UK going at the end of the summer hols. Staying offsite from 15th Aug to 1st Sept, celebrating my birthday right in the middle of the trip. Cannot wait!

Going August 18-23rd. Staying at SOG.

Thought us Brits hadn’t found this site! Thought we were all on the!
Funnily enough it’s my husbands & my sister in laws birthdays while we’re out there.
Have a great time.

I think there are quite a few of us from North West England (thanks to direct flights from Manchester) but we seem to hide :slight_smile:
It sounds like you will have a great time, with plenty of celebrating!

Yes - lots of Brits on this site. Here is a link to a spreadsheet grumpyinbrookly no has started for August visitors.