August or October trip - Afternoons Only

I’ve only done Disney for full week trips and in the past looked for opportunities to limit wait times or rope dropping. An example being booking club level to get extra fast passes (rip). We can’t do week long trips anymore due to other reasons and am trying to talk myself into a “leisure” 4 day trip. While I haven’t done a ton of research it seems the new system doesn’t allow for planning, in advance, times for key rides.

So I’ve been thinking of spending our days sleeping in, going for a late brunch/lunch and then hitting the parks mid to late afternoon with hopefully smaller wait times as the evening progresses. I understand we won’t see/do a lot with this approach but would still hope to get a few rides in.

Obviously August is hot but with that approach could we see smaller crowds in July vs October?

Rain can be an issue in July. Between the heat and rain, cross could be lighter but attractions and some transportation could close down.

Late July is less popular for DVC folks. We went in late August last year and headed out after the summertime afternoon T-Storms.

If you are willing to purchase Genie + and draw on the advanced user knowledge from La Cava threads, you can easily line up a stack of 5+ headliners for a great afternoon in the parks. The two main drawbacks are that 1.) as mentioned, August in particular will often see rain in the afternoon and 2.) you may have to be awake at 7am to set up your first bookings for the day (to buy your ILL for the day + book LL for first headliner) If you are not focused on riding headliners, you could probably get away with sleeping in and just starting to stack whenever you wake up.