I’m thinking about going to MNSSHP on 8/28. We’re on a FD package, and I’m planning to upgrade to AP when we arrive. I assume that once I upgrade I can get the discount on 4 party tickets, right? I’m also assuming that at that ridiculous time of year for a halloween party, it won’t be sold out. Is that a safe assumption?

When is the first one again? And what day of the week is that?

It isn’t likely to be sold out, but it is going to be HOT as heck. We did 9/1 (?) last year and said if we ever do it again it will be late in the MNSSHP season.

You will get the AP in time to pre order the tickets? Day of tickets cost more?

The party is Tues - I think it’s the 3d party. Only other option for us would be Fri 8/31, and I’m assuming that’s going to be more crowded. We’re arriving Sat. evening 8/25, so I figured I’d take care of the annual pass upgrade sometime on Sun. Is there any way to tell if the parties are starting to sell out? I’ll be with GS5 and don’t want to risk missing it.

I would not worry about an August/September party selling out.

Great, thanks! Can someone with the AP please tell me what the price of the tix will be? They’re $75/70 regular price on that date. And while we’re at it, what would be the AP price for the HEA dessert party that week?

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I checked the price for MNSSHP online with my AP discount and it quoted $70 and $65 as the prices for 8/28/18. It did say that was the advanced purchase price.
And I didn’t know there was an AP discount for the HEA dessert party–if there is I totally missed getting it when we were there in March.

There are not any discounts for dessert parties.

We were there same night. The rain was awful!

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It really was and it ruined a lot of character meets.

I was there too!

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Ugh, we did the party on like 10/6/13 and it was CRAZY hot. Florida really just needs to cool it in the fall. Good news was we just kept riding Splash all night.

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