August I know like the back of my hand but I am lost in a winter wonderland

So as I have posted before we always go to Disney in august but this year I am sneaking in two Florida trips. I have put the planning for my August trip on the backburner and want to get the christmas one figured out because to be honest that is the one i am most excited for. That trip will be a total surprise for my DS until the day of.
Just wondering if there is really any major difference between the last week of Nov and Dec 7-14 in terms of crowds. I was thinking the end of Nov may be busier due to thanksgiving holiday. However, will weather still be warm enough for swimming and water parks mid-December. (I know its only a couple weeks later lol). Also I can get great direct flights at cheaper cost for Dec 7-14 versus the end of Nov.
Planing to do MVMCP and Sea world Christmas events. We have not done universal yet but it looks like that may be a trip where we are better off staying on site and doing the package. Tickets for a couple days seem really expensive. Is there anywhere you would suggest that as cheaper tickets and if you were only going to do one park is there a preference. My son is 10 if that makes a difference.
We always stay onsite but were will be doing most of our events outside of disney so for this trip i was considering off site. Any suggestions on places to consider staying at?
Also are there any other Christmas events in Orlando that are a must do?
Sorry for all the questions

The pools at WDW are heated. This past Christmas my DD went swimming almost every day while we were there. It was a bit cool when she got out, but it’s nothing a big towel or bathrobe won’t fix… This was Christmas week.

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Winter Weather in FL is impossible to predict. My last trip was the week before Thanksgiving and we saw 50 and 80 in the same week. I’ll be there 8-15 December…

Thanks…either way it will be warmer then where I am coming from so it’s all good…we go every August and it’s so hot so cooler will be a new experience for sure…I am gonna skip the water parks and add a couple days at universal instead…I booked for dec 7 to 14 after…the flights were just too good to pass up :slightly_smiling_face:.

Star Wars Galaxys Edge may be open at that point at DHS…so that may be good or bad depending on your point of view

Yeah even if it is open I will prob wait until our summer 2020 trip to do it. We are doing 10 nights at Disney in August so for my December trip my plan is to only do MVMCP if I can stick to it lol.