August 25 at Magic Kingdom

We happen to be in Florida on other business and thinking of taking our young children ages 5 and 7 to Magic Kingdom on 25 August. We see on crowd calendar that this is a Holloween Party day. We are not interested in that but like that the park opens at 0800 on that day. The fact that the park closes at 7pm for all but Holloween party guests doesn’t bother us either because with young children we will be gone before then anyway. See that MK crowd calendar shows expected fairly low attendance on that day- any pitfalls I’m not thinking of? thanks, Steve

Are you staying on site? If not, you will not be able to get into the park until 0900. The hour from 0800-0900 is an extra magic hour reserved for guests with an on-site hotel reservation.

Aside from that, it looks like you’ve considered everything.

Thanks for this quick reply. We are not on site - so 9am for us. Thank you again, appreciate it. Steve

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