We got back last night from an EPIC trip. Stayed at the Ft Wilderness cabins, had Kermit for a while, and spent the week utilizing as much a/c as possible, as well as spreading some pixie dust.

This one takes my heart though…I shared this story in one of my FB disney groups, and I wanted to share it here. I’m not sharing for any reason other than to hopefully inspire y’all to spread some kindness…there’s a new crop of Disney College Program kids on the ground this week…and I know some of their roles aren’t easy!

So, Photo first:

So this photo has a story.

Tonight I had arranged for fireworks viewing for 8 guests. EVERYONE ended up bailing on me due to the weather (and they saw it two nights ago).

Well? I was NOT GOING TO BAIL. Umbrella up and watch on!

When I was wandering the Magic Kingdom I stopped to take a Castle Photo with a parasol (I’m insane. I know!), and these 5 young men were like “woah, we need to get one and take photos with that!”. So, as I was really just wandering until dinner I offered for them to take photos with it. Oh my, they were HILARIOUS!! Then we all got to chatting and shared some stories before we parted ways.

As I walked away I realized I should have invited them to fireworks, because I had a reservation for 8 and I was only 1. Why not spread some magic right?

Except they were long gone.

And then I turned the corner in Liberty Square and there they were! They ran up to me and greeted me again, and then one commented that it was totally random, but they were homesick and I reminded them of their mom. I told them I was so happy to find them, as I wanted to invite them to fireworks in the VIP viewing area. It was like Christmas! Their faces lit up and they were worried about their attire. (All raised in the south!!) I assured them it was fine and arranged to meet them.

Well fireworks were delayed a bit, and so we chatted. I truly enjoy chatting with young people the 16-23 range, I find it fascinating all their plans and different goals! Such a diverse group of young men here for the college program, very well mannered and with excellent dreams and goals!!

Fireworks viewing turned into taking them to meet princesses (one had never met a princess!!), followed by me using some fastpasses I had left (we leave tomorrow and I’m done with rides!) to take them on Seven Dwarves Mine Train, then we closed the park down by being the last log (or maybe next to last) on splash mountain.

It was so fun to be able to share some Disney magic AND trivia with them. I have all their names and locations, with strict instructions to come say hello when I’m back next month.

This is Disney. This is why my family comes here and why I will always vacation here. And honestly, it was beyond magical for ME to bless these young men! I told them they now have a magical story, and it’s their turn to go out and make magical moments so they have more magical stories to tell!

The purple parasol of epicness:

I also had a blue parasol and spent my last morning looking for JUST the right little girl to give the parasols too. I found one with a first visit button who was with grandparents and passed her my blue one (the grandmother was convinced I was some sort of secret cast member. LOL). I ended up keeping the purple one, because the more I thought about it, the more I realized that purple parasol has an epic story attached to it…and I feel it’s time with me in making some magical moments might not be over yet. (I’ll be back Sept 17-20)

We also had the privilege to dine chefs table at Victoria & Albert’s. Oh. My. Goodness! Photos:


Menu (mine was tailored to my allergies…no fish, shellfish, caviar or mushrooms)

Food in order:

We sat down at 5:30pm, and were there until 11:15pm. It was AMAZING. I regret we didn’t get a photo with Chef Aimee, but I already have reservations for February, and I have confirmed she is there that night. We had some extra dishes and a few things I didn’t take photos of. I also brought her a small treasure, and we chatted about food experiences in some of our favorite places! I can’t wait to go back and do this again! (Honestly am tempted to see if we can get it in Oct as well. It was THAT GOOD)

Saturday I had a VIP Tour booked and as we were a party of 6, I found 4 others to fill it up. 3 were liners from Italy, and one was a local friend of mine who got to fulfill two bucket list items! 4 parks in one day, AND a private tour!

I also got to attend a wedding while there, and of course my purple parasol made an appearance:

All in all, a magical trip, and this Photo is my FAVORITE:

My only regret was my 19-yr old was being a complete jerk and I didn’t get a chance to get a Castle Photo with him. Honestly it’s a miracle we survived the trip without me absoloutly losing it on him. My 16-yr old was a treasure and spent Friday all alone because his older brother refused to get out of bed. Lesson learned…never take ungrateful humans on vacation! Oh well. Hopefully he grows up and one day will appreciate the magic of Disney and cherish the memories that can be made.

Oh and to the liner who told me about TSA cares? THANK YOU. Saved my life last night at MCO. Wonderful wonderful service. Will always use at MCO from now on. Don’t hesitate to use it, they WANT you to use it. I felt kind of bad for skipping the line the way we did, but it meant I didn’t get dizzy or almost pass out or pop a joint out from standing in a crowd of many many people. Getting home and not being stressed was the ultimate magical end to a truly WONDERFUL trip.

Back in 34 days!


Wow! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story! Although your V&A pictures made me a little (ok, a lot) jealous.


Thank you for sharing!! How sweet of you to share so much magic with others.


How wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. I know you made their night also!

That food looks stellar also.

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How entirely awesome is that story? Thanks for sharing it!

Many of us have Ungratefuls. It is only slightly heartening on vacation that said affliction is likely temporary.


What a wonderful story and how kind of you to spread some pixie dust to those young men who returned the favor by being such pleasant company.


Yes, I was an Ungrateful once upon a time myself, around the same age. However I never quit my job and announced my sole goal was to couch surf and play video games during a “gap season” (it started as a year, and has now been extended) because my life was SO stressful. Or expect my parents to foot the bill. Then be furious when they said they weren’t. Sigh.

What really killed me was my oldest had ticket entitlements that most people would KILL for. And he wasted them. He has a golden ticket to do anything in any park with NO tiers, NO restrictions and he choose to sit in the sun in Epcot and complain that there was “nothing to do here, it’s DUMB”. That was when I lost it, I cancelled 2 of his 5 days, and told him if he was going to be THAT ungrateful, he was on his own for the trip, except during our tour.

And I stuck to it. I refused to buy him snacks, meals, and souvenirs. He called my DH to complain and my DH said “dude, I told you, respect and be polite to your mother and she will show you ALL the magic. Be a jerk and she will cut you off at the knees. I entirely back up her decision and I’m not going to pay for you to be a jerk in WDW”.

Of course then he started spouting (my son) that I’m his evil stepmom and I just want to be fake and make people think I’m wonderful when I’m really Ursula in disguise. (His mom died when he was 3 and he has NEVER dealt with his grief. I’ve had him for almost 9 years and I have NEVER EVER considered him a burden or a step. Most people I meet never know I have “step” kids. All my kids are MY KIDS. Ugh.)

I didn’t even wear a black dress this trip! Maybe I should do an Ursula bound next trip. LOL.

I know he will eventually come around. I just hope it’s before he ends up in jail or something worse. :pensive:

But those college kids…I needed them as much as they needed some pixie dust. They did restore my faith in youth. I just wish my oldest could see the world the way those young men do! And spreading a little magic didn’t cost me anything but my time (and everyone else was asleep anyway) and some kindness. We could all use a little more kindness in his world.

Sigh. Gearing up for a rough day as my oldest continues his rampage of moving out. I am so tempted to throw caution to the wind and run to Disneyland for lunch. LOL.


Great pictures and great story. Pass the Magic On!!!

When I was 19 I knew everything and was the biggest PITA. After a few life lessons and humbling experiences I got the message. He’ll come around, just be there for him when he needs you, because he will need you.


Argh, that’s tough, but sounds to me like you did exactly the right thing.

My DS15 is awesome, but can be a very tough nut sometimes and is currently expanding his teenage hermit phase in our house. But, so far he is still on the Disney bandwagon despite his often “too cool for this” aspirations in other venues, thank goodness.

“When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.”–Mark Twain.


Great photos!! Sounds like a fabulous trip minus the ungratefuls.

Thank you for spreading pixie dust. I had several gold fast passes when I was there in June that I could not use. So I gave them away as someone gave had given me some before I got to Disney. The whole trip the longest we waited was 25 min and that was because I got in the wrong line.

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I was wondering how your V&A dinner had turned out…looks fabulous! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! (Love the skirt, btw!)

I’m sorry about your son. One of my friends remarked the other day that it’s amazing how much your parents learn from the time you graduate high school until you’re finished with your freshman or sophomore year of college! I remember being that age and thinking I knew everything and my parents didn’t know squat. And now I’m approaching 40 and am preparing myself for my daughters to feel the same way in approximately 10 years. Just keep on being there for him and loving him despite him acting “oh-so-grown-up” and he will, soon enough, come to his senses.

Kudos to you for spreading pixie dust when I’m sure you wanted to dwell on your son and the misery he was trying to inflict on you all. It makes me happy to think of you happy from making others happy. Pixie dust at its finest. :slightly_smiling_face: