Aug 6 honorary @Steve1 countdown thread

Good morning @Steve1, wherever you are, and Good morning Liners! 52 days til I’m hitting RD, rushing around trying to make my fpp on the other side of the park. How long for you?

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Good morning @JustTimmy - Nov. 6 for me! Happy planning everybody :smile:

Good morning. Have a great day.

Good morning @JustTimmy! Lucky 13 here. Hope everyone has a beautiful day!

Good morning @JustTimmy and @MeetMeAtThePoly! San Francisco Day for us!

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Hi @JustTimmy and liners 479 for me… Have a great day especially if it’s a park day for you. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m just going to pop over to @pod4christ’s countdown thread … Love how the New Yorkers have it coveted today…


Good morning friend! Have a great day!

Morning liners…

Good morning, all. 17 to go for us.

Good morning here too! Soonest countdown is 57! Sadly I keep hoping it moves faster, alas. One number at a time. Have a great day!

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No countdown… Just back yesterday from an awesome trip though!!


Good morning Linahville! Zero again. Got back from a fun 4 days with Abbie yesterday. Headed back today for some fun with @coolermama and @darthd


Morning everyone! 9 days here, and so so so excited!

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Morning everyone! I’m late to the party as usual, although it’s only 6:40 am here. It’s so nice to see your bright and shiny countdowns this morning! Mine is at 89 today. I’m chasing @PianoMinnie.

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Good morning @Meet. :slight_smile:

14 days to go. We leave on the 21st, so I guess it is technically 15 days, but my countdown app does not count departure day, so this is what I am going with!

Yesterday was an exciting day in planning for me - I received our shiny new backpack that is compatible with our CamelBak water reservoir. It’s this one, but in cobalt blue:

Even more exciting, I received my Liner button from Zazzle! It came super fast. I am looking forward to wearing it and hopefully having a chance meeting or two with some of you awesome people.

I also ordered a “moisture wicking” dress to wear in the parks, Gold Bond anti-friction, and some new clothes for the kids (Target has amazing clearance right now, tons of stuff under $10 and many items online with an extra 10% off). Plus I put together little airline goodie bags for the kids. The party store is a good place to get some cheap items for that.

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Sounds like you have it all covered @iheartepcot

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Good Morning All!!! 164 days and 268 days till we are back to the wonderful world of Walt Disney World!

18 for us! Anyone know if I can add something to my garden grocer order?

@AliceInChicagoland, I’ve had luck calling them up to add extra items after placing the initial order. That was a couple summers ago, but at least at that time it was no problem.