Aug 2023 - should I just book it now?

Eyeballing a week-long August 2023 family trip. I have a good idea on the week and the hotels (would split stay per our usual). Should I book it now? Or is there a good reason to wait (upcoming deals, packages, announcements, etc.)?

And while I’m on the topic, we’re looking at possibly Grand Floridian (a wow first, but doesnt look to be that much more than other deluxe choices for what we’d want) and AKL. Are there any looming construction plans anyone knows about for summer 2023 at either of those resorts I should be considering.

Thanks so much in advance for any and all thoughts and advice! Very excited to start planning another trip. (Not at all excited about planning around LL and Genie+).


Always book as soon as you know your dates, or even your approximate dates. Modify later if a discount comes up.


Book now, especially if you’re not doing a package. The only negative at all is that Disney will be holding your room deposit the whole time, but if you’re looking at Grand Flo then you might not be on such a tight budget that that would be a big problem at all.

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Thanks for the quick responses! So book hotel rooms now, but maybe wait on buying park tickets (no reason to buy packages). I guess maybe even shop around on ticket prices.

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Absolutely shop around, and shop around on your room price as well (MVT, regular Disney discounts, maybe free dining if they ever get all of the TS places staffed, etc). I wound up buying our tickets for this next trip from Sam’s Club… that beat every other price out there by like $25/ticket.

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