I am thinking about buying tickets for this since I have always wanted to go to the Halloween party and only get to Disney every 5 years or so. But now, Star Wars is opening up a week later and a lot of people moved their trips to earlier in August. Do you think that the party will be ridiculously crowded and not fun? I am really worried about the crowds in general during our trip (leaving on 8/25). If you have been on a sold out party night, how bad is it? Will it be too crowded to do much?

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I’ve never been to the Halloween party, but have been to MVMCP and will be going again this year. The parties sell out often, but it really depends on what you do for how crowded it “feels”. If you are out on Main Street watching shows, etc. then it will feel crowded, because that’s what most party goers do (at least for the MVMCP). We did that and it was crowded there, but ride waits are often much shorter than what you will see on a normal park day. At least that’s the way it was at MVMCP.

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I bought the tickets. Fingers crossed for a fun evening!