Attractions with long waits that don't have Fastpass

Does anyone have a list of attractions at DL and DCA where the line build quickly but do not have Fastpass available? I have made touring plans and have an idea but am wondering what to prioritize if we end up changing our schedule around. We are staying on site so we have EE for all three days we are there and I want to take advantage of the lower crowds in the morning to make sure I am hitting those attractions that don’t have Fastpass but larger crowds first.

The only attractions I can think of off hand that tend to have long lines and no Fastpass at DLR and DCA are Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan’s Flight, Toy Story Midway Mania, and occasionally Buzz Lightyear.

Matterhorn at DL. Line can get long quickly. Peter Pan is the worst, lines will build very quickly so make it number one during EE. Be at the gates well before opening, and you really have to move quickly once they let you in. Our EE circuit for Fantasyland includes Peter Pan, then Toad, Alice, and Matterhorn. We usually skip Dumbo and the carousel (older kids) and then hit Snow White and Pinocchio later in the day.
The Finding Nemo subs line is painfully slow (and no FP) so you should do it early as well. Buzz Lightyear currently has FP available and right now it is not connected to the others. So you can get them all day long.
Over in DCA, Toy Story should be first on your list. You should be able to ride it 2-3 times with minimal waits during EE.

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Buzz has a FP that’s actually disconnected from the rest of the FP systems so you can get it at the same time as you get another FP. The Buzz FP machines are right with the Star Tours machines so we usually get Star Tours & Buzz FPs together.

I would add Matterhorn to the list too. Also if you have kids or love the nostalgia of original Fantasyland, then the back leg of Fantasyland (Casey Jr train, Dumbo & Storybook Land Canal boats) doesn’t have FPs and the lines can get deceptively long because they are all so slow loading. Also, all of those lines are all uncovered & so even a 20-30 min wait midday will be brutal. If you don’t do them early wait until dark, the lines won’t be any shorter, but the sun will be down.

You’re right. I totally forgot that Buzz has a FP. Thanks for the correction. And good call on Matterhorn too!

:smile: It’s hard to keep track for Buzz. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t. When Innoventions went under construction including Autopia’s FP machines they started distributing Buzz as a disconnected. If Autopia’s come back they may take away the Buzz FPs again.

Amen on the Peter Pan. At the worst I have seen a posted 70 min wait 7 minutes after rope drop. Usually it’s more along the lines of 25-40 minutes about 5-10 minutes after rope drop. So yes, being early & quick help you avoid that situation altogether.

And Toy Story is always our favorite to start the morning in DCA. We also usually hit up the ferris wheel aka Mickey’s Fun Wheel since that is also slow loading and nearby and good to get done early if you want to do it. We (& the kids) like a nice non-swinging cage that gives us a gentle fun view of the park and surrounding area.

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