Attractions that are closed

Where can I get specific information on which attractions will be closed and the dates they are closing during my Sept trip?

Ok, after checking out that link, I found something disturbing. ..

Under permanently closed is the pre - April princess m&g. It says it was replaced with C/R and A/E. Then it says "in addition, Anna and Elsa are generally replaced by other princesses after 5pm each day."

!!!!!! Please say it ain't so! We have evening FP on our last day (only ones I could get). DD will be devastated if we get there and it is someone else...

As far as I know, that used to be the case, but not for the past month(s) or so?

If the FPP says that it is for A&E you should be fine.

I thought the (implied) opening date for Osborn was Interesting. Best I know, no official date

What are they doing to Fantasmic? Is it just general maintenance or are they changing it?