Attractions open or closed for future TP

We have a family trip to Disney World arriving October 6th and have completed TP’s for each day. I scheduled Muppets Present and Move It! in the plan and have since discovered, on the site, that those activities are not open in October. I assume the site would be the best indicator of what was open, is that correct.

Disney won’t announce October times for either of those attractions until late this month. What exactly did it say?


I agree with @CastAStone that Disney is slow to announce times for entertainment. Those two are among a long list of entertainment offerings that are at the bottom of the MK entertainment page under “Schedule Unavailable.” All you can do is go by current times and TP’s predictions for Oct.

I think the term “not open” is not accurate for these, rather the times have not been made public yet.

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Agreed. The times just aren’t announced. We also have an October trip and plan to see Muppets Present. The TP times are a good estimate, however I DID notice that the times for Muppets assume a 3pm parade. The parade moved to 2pm to accommodate the evening parties. So those early afternoon performances should be shifted a bit.