Attraction start time in TP

I’m curious. If you plan to rope drop at a Park, do they drop the ropes right at park open (8:00 on the dot) or do they walk you to the attraction so you’re there at park open. For example, my Epcot TP shows us not arriving at Soarin’ until 8:16 even though we will rope drop. Is this pretty accurate?

Rope drops at the open time for the park. You then walk to your first attraction. Hence the time in the TP. Time is dependent on how much purpose you walk with. I find reported walking time slightly longer than actual race walking.

The only difference is that currently at AK they are walking people in stages into Pandora pre rope drop.

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If you’re ahead of the pack, you’ll get there sooner. If you arrive only 15 mins before RD, there will be hordes of people ahead of you and it will take you longer. They err on the side of caution.

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In packs? Do u mean they only allow so many at a time?

This post goes through the walk to Pandora, they were stopped at several places along the way.

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Everyone is let in at once. At some parks there are several ropes so several groups of people. Magic Kingdom has ropes across every exit of the hub into the different lands. People are in crowds(packs) at the rope that leads to their first planned area/attraction they are heading to first.

At Epcot it’s a giant crowd however people on the right will be heading to Soarin and people on the left are likely headed to TT/FEA. If your at the front of that crowd you’ll be at the attraction sooner.

Even if there are quite a few people in front of you don’t panic. The initial ride capacity on many of the attractions eats the lines super fast allowing you to knock off quite a few attractions as people are still in the parking lot or tapstiles.

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Thanks everyone! Sounds like TP gives a safe estimate which I prefer. If we are ahead of schedule, even better.