Attraction not found in Touring Plan

The most important thing we will be doing while at MK is the meet and greet with Merida. All my daughter talks about is how she wants to chat with Merida and learn how to shoot an arrow.

I can't find the attraction listed when I create a personalized touring plan. Can it be added to the database? If not, how much time should be allocated to the placeholder?


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This has been one of my questions, too. I have been told that you need to see Merida at RD, or expect long lines all day. We are going to try to line up for her before the start of her second set, just after the FoF Parade. For now, I have put Merida into our TP as an in-park break for 45 minutes total. Hope that helps a bit, @fiel !

Kenny the Pirate has a good website service that provides specific times and locations for character meets. There's a charge for it, but it's all good information, and worth it if you really like to meet characters. I think it's available as an app for Droid phones, but for iPhones you just link the website to use it on your phone. I know this isn't exactly what you asked about, but it might be helpful in making sure you don't miss Merida. Here's the link.

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I asked the TP folks about it last year. They said they didn't have enough wait time data on the unlisted character meets yet so weren't adding them. I think they implied it might happen eventually.

Thank you @SallyEppcot, What I was hoping for was the walking and wait times. Kenny the pirate doesn't seem to have any of that information.

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Weren't Merida meets discontinued this summer? Or was that only at DL? I am pretty sure I had read something about that.