Attn Coffee Lovers

Yes, it’s only Tuesday and I’ve already had about 4 cups of coffee and wanted to ask Some fun questions. Are you a Joffery’s or Starbucks fan or just give me caffeine? Disney resorts have different Joffrey’s blends do you have a favorite? Or where is your favorite place to enjoy? Have you tried French Pressed at any of the restaurants?

Given my preference, it is Starbucks. But ultimately I will drink the other if necessary. Though honestly when it is hot I often turn to Diet Coke for the coldness and the caffeine. Not really a huge iced coffee fan (lattes are fine iced…but not a fan of plain iced coffee).

My favorite coffee is from the Kona Island coffee bar outside the Kona Cafe on the second floor of the Poly right before I walk out to easy peasy security and grab the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. Best coffee I’ve ever had.

After that, all of our family prefers Joffrey’s to Starbucks. We will, however, happily drink Starbucks.


If brewing at home, I like Community Coffee grounds and DH likes Dunkin Donuts coffee grounds… if out and about I like Dunkin and DH likes our local Pilot gas station house blend!!! We have only had Joffrey’s in room at WDW and it was not our favorite, but it worked for our morning sip.

Thanks, I’m adding this on my list for next trip!

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At home I drink Starbucks Sumatra every morning. In the world I drink Joffreys. Yesterday we had the Kona Cafe pressed pot and it was great (as usual).


Ok I’m dreaming of the pressed pot, which I’m sure I will drink it by myself. Do you know if one person can order this as part of their TS credit?

I am not positive but I don’t think so? There is a Kona blend option. There were three of us so I ordered two pots. It was plenty of coffee for us all. I believe it was $9.50 a pot and worth every penny to me!

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Starbucks all the way. Joffrey’s out of necessity. Never soda as a backup - it doesn’t contain the same level of caffeine.

I believe i had a pot of French pressed once at Disney - it may have been lunch at Sanaa… but don’t quote me on the location… I drink a lot of coffee!

I think I had one at Monsieur Paul’s the other night too. It was a large pot!

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I gave up soda about 3 years ago, I rarely drink tea unless it’s green tea. Although I did have a butterbeer back in Jan! So it’s either coffee or water, for me.

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In life I drink Starbucks coffee every day (well, I did…its my go to when I grab coffee out…but I recently joined Atlas Coffee Club to get beans for my home brewing). In the world, I get Starbucks at MK but drink Joffrey’s pretty much everywhere else. My favorite coffee cart is the one outside of the AK tapstiles. There is no way their coffee is any better than anyone else, but for some reason I have to have a coffee there every trip. :woman_shrugging:

I too always hit Starbucks in the parks because I always load up my account before I leave, but this past Jan while in DS I picked up a bag of Joffery’s Anniversary blend and enjoyed when I got back home. So now I’m on a kick trying different Starbucks blends. I even switched back to drip and rarely use my Keurig.

Of the available options, I prefer Caribou; and of their blends I love Obsidian.

That said, given that it’s not available at WDW, I’m perfectly happy with the supplied Joffrey’s.

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Maybe I should un-cancel my Kona Cafe reservation for September? After all, coffee is the most important meal of the day.

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Ok I’m sold I want to hang with you 2 at Kona some morning!

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Not a fan of Starbucks brewed coffee or espresso. For froofy drinks, it’s fine. I used to drink Starbucks every single day, then I was trying to save money so I switched to making my own coffee at home using a local roast, and every time I go back to Starbucks out of necessity the coffee (or espresso) tastes so burnt to me. I think Joffreys is fine, not the greatest but not as bad as Starbucks.

At Pop I was not a fan of the in room coffee so I ended up using these single serve instant packs of Cafe Bustelo several mornings. Having alternate coffee wherever you stay is a good plan! As for the food courts, that coffee I found drinkable to acquire caffeine. I never ended up having joffrey’s or Starbucks though. I will say the iced coffee at Sleepy Hollow in MK hit the spot!

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At home it’s 711 coffee all day every day. I’ve never had coffee at Disney (just started drinking within the past few years) so I hope I’ll like Joffrey’s because I am not a Starbucks fan :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Starbucks all the way if travelling in the US. At home, I stick to Kicking Horse, makes an excellent double cappuccino to start your day.