Attention Planners Extraordinaire! Pointers/Tips for my ADRs/overall plan just under 180 days out?

Okay… so we’ve had this trip in the works for just about 2 years (ever since our drive home from our previous last-minute trip in March 2018). We will be arriving @MCO on Wed. 4/22 and staying until Fri. 5/1. We are celebrating my 40th birthday and our 10th anniversary. For the first 5 days, my mom and brother (28) will be with us. Then, me, my husband, and our 2 littles (5 & 7) will finish the trip on our own. We are staying at BCV via private rental (2 rooms).

I was hoping for some feedback while there’s still a good ADR selection available! I know this is long, so thank you kindly in advance!

Here’s what I have so far:

  1. Wed. 4/22: Arrival. Relax. Soak. It. In. It’s our first time staying on property. We want to enjoy the evening, maybe dinner at Beaches & Cream (though I can’t reserve that just yet). My mom and brother will be going to Epcot for dinner @La Hacienda at 8:30.

  2. Thurs. 4/23: MK: BBB at 8:15 and CRT at 10:05. I know this cuts into good touring time, but my mom wants to do CRT, and I’d prefer to do breakfast while my daughter is all decked out rather than wait til later in the day. I figure this would probably be an early-ish night, so counter service late lunch/early dinner with snacks between is likely fine.

  3. Fri. 4/24: HS: The reservations we have are Droid Depot and Oga’s at 2:00. Oga’s gives me and the others something to check out while my son and husband build a droid. I thought a midday break right after, and my hope is a dessert party will come available for fireworks at some point.

  4. Sat. 4/25: Me and my husband celebrating our anniversary solo - my mom and brother will be with the kids (having a blast I’m sure! LOL). I’ve rented them a Stormalong Bay cabana for the day. My husband and I will…? I dunno. Tour World Showcase for the day? Our only scheduled ADR is @Yachtsman at 7:35.

  5. Sun. 4/26: AK. I don’t have any scheduled ADRs… any suggestions? Tusker House seems good, but I’m not sure I want to spend the time at a sit-down character meal, since this is our only AK day and our first time taking the kids there. Thoughts?

  6. Mon. 4/27: Mom and brother leaving. I have this as our Epcot day. We were thinking Beirgarten for dinner (maybe) or just persuing the quick service options in World Showcase. Again, I’m not really sure. I know there are a lot of good options… but I’m a bit leery of too many sit-downs with my kids (they aren’t bad or anything, just… busy LOL).

  7. Tues. 4/28: Kind of a free day. Kona Cafe for a late breakfast at 10:00. My husband and son are doing a fishing trip @1:30, while my daughter and I meet princesses at Epcot. I was thinking of grabbing a pizza from Via Napoli on our way out (can we order to-go?) and pool/Disney Springs for the evening!

  8. Wed. 4/29: Back to MK for my birthday! Wahoo! As of now, I have an 8am reservation at BOG as well as a dinner reservation at BOG at 6:00. Not sure which to keep and which to ditch? Advice on this? We are hoping to make it for fireworks on this day, so we’ll definitely need a midday break!

  9. Thurs. 4/30: Back to HS. Our last day… no ADRs at this time, though I’m thinking it’ll be an early-ish night.

Other random thoughts/questions:

  1. I do not plan to have park hoppers. Staying at BCV, I’m afraid we’ll regret this. Any thoughts on that? I have not purchased our tickets yet because I’m terrified of making the wrong choice!

  2. On many days, other than AK and maybe the first MK day, we will likely need/want to take a break at some point. How long do you think is enough, all things considered? 4 hours? 3?

  3. Do I have enough ADRs for sitdowns? Will I regret not adding more? Are there any MUST ENJOY restaurants in the parks that I’m missing? Or any that I should book just in case?

I really, really appreciate your help! We love Disney, but our previous trips have all been short and last-minute, so there wasn’t much pre-planning involved (last time, we decided to go on Thursday and left for Orlando on Saturday!).

I bought park hoppers because our family tends to change plans easily. I like to have the flexibility. As for ADR, I think Tiffins is a must–seems to be one of the most interesting restaurants at WDW.

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First and foremost, we share a birthday! :partying_face::partying_face:

My family is all about the ADRs, so we have at least one per day. We do that instead of a break at the resort. Whatever works for your family though.

You can always add hoppers later…even while you are you there.

On your birthday is the 8am BOG a PPO, or are there EMH? If it’s a PPO I would keep it and just order a cupcake if you don’t want to spend a bunch of money. Or get one or two things for the family to split (I hear there are lots of pastries, so that makes a good filler). I would then also keep the dinner at BOG.

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The 8am is PPO. TP shows evening extra magic hours that night. I hadn’t considered keeping both… you have my brain churning again!

The 29th is a great day to have a birthday! I’m guessing you are a pretty amazing person! :smiley:

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Not to toot my own horn, but, yeah! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My 40th is 2021 and I’m hoping to be at WDW too!

Ha. Ditto!

2020 is my 40th. :blush:

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