Attendance down

Have read a few separate articles regarding waning attendance in Orlando and especially at WDW and what WDW is doing to boost numbers.

IMHO I feel that WDW had lost its way in recent years. Prices are up, but attraction availability was down. Epcot had NOTHING new, HS was a joke. The expansion in MK was desperately needed but really didn’t add any “WOW”

Epcot used to be a beacon of the “new” and the “possible” HS was a working studio where you could see movies in action.

Even things like limited Monorail service for the monorail loop hotels - that is ridiculous.

I LOVE WDW - but had seen an increasing decline in quality and services since its opening (unfortunately I am that old). I know they are building new lands and rides and they are desperately needed. On our last visit - it was clear that a significant revamp of the parks is needed to draw people back.

The cost has skyrocketed as well - with no associated value add.

Other thoughts?

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You’re not alone. I admit the major draw for me is nostalgia rather than new stuff. My biggest purchase on our last trip was a big ceramic Nautilus from Trader Sam’s.

I think people (like myself) who can only visit every few years are waiting till all the construction is finished. And some of those who visit very regularly are deciding that it’s not worth it, when benefits keep being cut and prices keep going up.

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