At Universal, fingerprint doesn't work

When I entered Universal for the first time they scanned my finger. When I went on Hogwarts Express they tried about 8 times and gave up but let me on anyway. I have extremely dry skin on my hands. What happens if this keeps happening tomorrow? What if it happens when I’m trying to get into the park for early admission?

They should try to re-set your fingerprint at the entrance in the morning if it does not work.

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This happened to my wife the entire trip. Just bring your driver’s license/photo is with you and show that.


That happened to my sister at the Hogwarts Express as well. I feel like that’s the worst place for scanning. They did eventually scan a new finger. And then she kept forgetting which one it was!

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Happened to my mom two days in a row at WDW. The first CM just let her by. The second time the CM called over another CM who had an iPad and took her photo and then it worked. Then it happened with DD9 at another tapstile and they did the iPad photo thing again to and from then on it continued to work.

My husband has a problem with touchpads in general sensing his finger. I can see this happening to him.

This happens to me at least once a day at UOR.

I think the issue was at least partially due to sunscreen on my hands. I often put on sunscreen right before entering the park. I got better results when I made sure my fingertips were clear of sunscreen.