At Rope Drop MK?

If I was going to rope drop MK on a day where there is Early Morning Magic Hours, and I am NOT staying on property, should I still Rope Drop and go straight to 7 Dwarfs Mine Train? or go elsewhere first thing at Rope Drop.

I would head for 7dmt.

The EMM people will mostly have finished in Fantasyland and be heading elsewhere for rop drop.


To clarify you mean early morning magic, the paid event? If so you should be fine. You mentioned staying offsite which is irrelevant for EMM. If you mean extra magic hours where the park opens an hour early for those onsite then yes you should avoid.

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Good catch!

Yeah with EMH, I think the recommendation is to start anywhere but fantasyland but EMM is a much smaller group.

It can definitely be confusing.

Extra Magic Hours (EMH) means the park opens an hour earlier (for morning Extra Magic Hours) for resort guests. If this is your situation and you are staying off-site, you won’t truly be able to make rope drop and should avoid Fantasyland, if not the Magic Kingdom entirely that morning.

Early Morning Magic (EMM) is a paid event that anyone who pays the price tag can participate in and allows guests into Fantasyland for often more than an hour before other guests. Most rides are a walk-on during that time. The numbers participating are negligible, however, and shouldn’t affect others who arrive at regular park opening.

Which did you mean?

Sorry, I forgot about the 2 different kinds. It would be for a day that has only EMH for the on site guests, NOT the paid ticketed event. Should I start at 7 Dwarfs Mine Train or go elsewhere if this is the case? Sorry about the confusion.

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Probably want to avoid 7DMT on an EMH morning if you are offsite, the line will be long. Possibly want to avoid whichever park has morning EMH.

Agree with this, you should head elsewhere.

But for anyone going in September or October, this won’t be an option, with EMH every day. Especially being offsite means an FP will be tough. The best bet might be to do 7dmt late on in the evening.

That brings up an interesting point. What will SWGE do to FPP availability at other parks? If it was me going in September, I would stay on site and plan to be at HS early for EMH ropedrop, but I would probably be hoping to see SWGE in the morning, maybe hit a couple more rides, and then go somewhere else in the afternoon. With not FPP for SWGE, I don’t think I would bother getting FPP for anything else in HS, I think I would probably get my FPP in another park for late in the day.

Am I alone in this? Might make availability of FPP in the morning/early afternoon better for the other parks.

Correct me if I am wrong, but for MK EMH, don’t they only allow guests into Tommorrow land and Fantasy Land?

I would imagine the best place to go for an off-site guest at the “official park opening time” would to head into adventure land and frontier land since most people are busy on the other side of the park.


I think it’s Fantasyland only for EMH.

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EMH is Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

EMM is just Fantasyland.